Providers must distribute vaccine in sequence

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Department of Health on Friday reiterated the appropriate sequence of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

New Mexico is currently in the first portion of Phase 1B – people 75 years and older. Soon, the state will expand vaccinations to those with qualifying medical conditions. Health care professionals and other workers in Phase 1A remain eligible for vaccination. 

The state has issued clear requirements to providers about the specific conditions under which they may move from one subphase to the next. These include scenarios in which vaccine is about to expire, or in which providers are unable to fill appointment slots within the current subphase. In both cases, providers are required to communicate with the Department of Health, which will support providers by inviting additional New Mexicans to vaccination appointments and filling available slots.

In the narrow circumstances in which providers move “out of subphase,” they must do so according to the sequence of subphases laid out here. Providers may not simply choose to vaccinate all of Phase 1B, nor move into Phase 1C, without DOH permission. In addition, in the interests of being forthcoming and transparent with the public on the vaccination campaign, providers are required to report their total number of vaccinations on a daily basis to the Department of Health.

“New Mexico has two goals: to distribute vaccine as quickly as possible, and to ensure that vaccine goes to those who are most exposed – and most vulnerable – to COVID-19. Meeting these expectations requires the full cooperation from the state’s provider network. New Mexicans deserve nothing less,” said DOH Secretary-Designate Dr. Tracie Collins.

The state’s full vaccination distribution plan is available here.

New Mexicans are also encouraged to register for vaccine. After entering basic health and employment information, New Mexicans will be notified by DOH when vaccine is available and when they may log in to the website to schedule an appointment in their area.

New Mexicans who wish to follow the progress of the state’s vaccination campaign – or who wish to view a map of available provider locations – can visit the state’s vaccination dashboard, which is updated Monday-Friday (excluding holidays).