Printing kits are available for New Mexico businesses, organizations, community members, and schools

SANTA FE- On Friday, the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) announced that free COVID-19 printed materials are available to New Mexico businesses, organizations, community members, and schools. Individuals can choose between three different sized kits which include banners, posters, flyers, and postcards. A full menu of materials is available below.

Individuals who are interested can follow the steps below:

1.) Write “NMDOH Order” into the subject line of an email to

2.) In the body of the email, include a contact name, organization name, email, and phone number.

3.) Decide which materials you would like to be printed.

·     Small Kits – 2 Banners, 25 Posters, 50 Flyers, 50 Postcards

·     Large Kits – 5 Banners, 50 Posters, 100 Flyers, 100 Postcards

·     Individual Items – Banners (2 or 5), Posters (25 or 50), Flyers (50 or 100), Postcards (50 or 100)

4.) Include the names of the file(s) you want printed and the quantities. Be sure to include language preferences.

·    Myth v Fact (English)

·    Myth v Fact (Spanish)

·    Stop Misinformation (English and Spanish)

·    Teens Eligible Flyer (16, 17, 18)

·    Vax Registration Help (English and Spanish)

·    Vax Registration Help (¼ Sheet)

·    Vaccine Blank Flyer (English)

·    Vaccine Blank Flyer (Spanish)

·    3×5 Banner

·    Flyer 

·    Flyer (Spanish)

·    Mailer (Back)

·    Mailer (Front)

·    Poster (English)

·    Poster (Spanish)

5.) Specify whether these materials will be picked up at ABQ Minute Press in Albuquerque (1631 Eubank Blvd NE), or shipped to your location (items can be shipped anywhere in the state of New Mexico).

Please note: Orders will be processed via email. Only materials supplied by the DOH are available for printing.