UPDATE: There was a technical difficulty today which delayed data reporting until after 3 p.m., but the numbers are up now. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our new processes

Note: New cases represent the total number of people with COVID-19 that the state learned about within a 24 hour period. Results reported today are from Sunday. The cumulative weekend case count reported is 367.

Daily COVID-19 numbers will be posted to website

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) today begins updating the daily reporting of COVID-19 data, making information directly available to the public online. In lieu of the former COVID-19 case count news release, NMDOH will now post data directly to the state COVID-19 website using a Tableau data dashboard, Monday thru Friday (except for holidays) at 2 p.m., along with several other weekly epidemiology reports here: https://cv.nmhealth.org/epidemiology-reports/.

“Today, we are coexisting with COVID, and changes in our reporting reflect this new stage in the pandemic,” said Acting NMDOH Cabinet Secretary David R. Scrase, M.D. “We are eternally grateful to the staff who have tirelessly devoted hours, weeks, months, even years of their lives, not to mention holidays that the rest of us spent with families, to generate this extensive case count news release in our time of need.”

Through rigorous review and adjustment of its data reporting, NMDOH maintains its commitment to keep New Mexicans safe with up to date information. The department will continue to publish weekly epidemiological reports that provide detailed information on COVID-19 in New Mexico, including geographic and demographic trends, hospitalization reports, and mortality rates. New Mexico will continue to evaluate COVID throughout the state, including by monitoring hospitalizations and ventilation usage, a more effective benchmark at this phase of the pandemic, particularly due to increased use of at-home testing rendering the daily case count and positivity rates incomplete. Information on the Tableau data dashboard will include:

  • Daily number of hospitalizations
  • Daily number of hospitalized patients with mechanical ventilation
  • Daily number of deaths
  • Cumulative number of deaths
  • Daily number of cases
  • Cumulative number of cases
  • Daily number of new test results reported

These ongoing modifications in reporting are expected to improve timeliness of the delivery of the data for both the media and community partners who rely on it. For more information, please visit: https://cv.nmhealth.org/epidemiology-reports/.



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