COVID Safe Practices for Casinos

The following COVID-Safe Practices apply to the operation of state-licensed racetrack casinos. Certain facilities may be required to remain closed. Operators should consult the state Public Health Order for specific prohibitions and allowances.


  • Adhere to COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers (p. 9).
  • Adhere to COVID-Safe Practices for Retail Establishments (p. 11).
  • Adhere to maximum occupancy limits per the State’s Public Health Order. Occupancy limits apply independently to each section of the facility as well as individual attractions.
  • All food and beverage services must adhere to the COVID-Safe Practices for Restaurants (p. 12) and additional screening and seating requirements for food and drink establishments per the Public Health Order.
  • Special events and performances shall adhere to COVID-Safe Practices for Event Venues.
  • Require patrons to wear face coverings as a condition of entry and patronage.
  • Arrange slot machines to provide six feet of distance between individuals by, for example, disabling every other slot machine. Restrict access to machines that are not in use. Where arranging for six feet of distance is not practicable, install large separation barriers around or between slot machines.
  • Install large plexiglass sneeze guards where regular interaction is common.
  • Prohibit smoking on the premises except in designated outdoor smoking areas in order to support the use of face coverings.
  • Suspend the use of valet service.
  • Screen employees and customers with a no-contact thermometer or thermal camera; individuals with a temperature reading above 100.4°F should be denied entry.
  • Group transportation, such as shuttles, must adhere to seating and social distancing requirements per the COVID-Safe Practices for Tour Operators. Maximize the use of open-air transportation to the greatest extent possible.
  • Provide the opportunity for all patrons to record their name and phone number or email address and the date and time of their visit, for contact tracing purposes. Retain such records for at least four weeks.

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