Construction and Field Operations

COVID Safe Practices for Construction & Field Operations

The following COVID-Safe Practices apply to construction, energy and field operations. This includes, but   is not limited to, vertical construction and maintenance, horizontal construction and maintenance, energy field operations and administration. 


  • Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.
  • Provide all employees with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) based on their position functions and likelihood of interaction with co-workers, customers and the
  • Utilize signage on the primary site to inform employees and contractors of COVID-Safe Practices, including use of appropriate PPE, social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette (e.g. covering coughs).
  • Prohibit non-essential visitors, vendors or contractors from entering the
  • Mandate that only necessary personnel should enter work/supply trailers or jobsite office
  • Arrange for contactless deliveries of materials and

Best Practices

  • Screen employees and visitors with a no-contact thermometer; individuals with a temperature reading above 100.4°F should be denied entry.
  • Stagger work schedules to support social distancing, and stagger employee arrival and departure times, including lunch and break times, to avoid congregations of workers in parking areas, locker rooms, and near time clocks.
  • Divide crews/staff into two (2) or more groups whenever possible so that projects can continue in the event of a quarantine. Keep employees in the same work group each day/week/month whenever practicable to avoid a contagious employee infecting people outside the original
  • Encourage employees to minimize ridesharing. If not possible, ensure use of face coverings while in vehicle and adequate ventilation.
  • Tools, equipment and vehicles should not be shared whenever possible. Always sanitize items after use, especially before and after any shift
  • When performing construction and maintenance activities within occupied buildings, these work locations present unique hazards with regards to COVID-19 exposures. All such workers must evaluate the specific hazards when determining best practices related to COVID-19. Employees should ask other occupants to keep a personal distance of at least 6 feet. Employees should wash or sanitize hands immediately before starting and after completing the

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