Drive-In Events

COVID Safe Practices for Drive-In Events

Event organizers will need to find creative contactless solutions to make meaningful connections in a
COVID-positive world. The following COVID-Safe Practices for Drive-In Events provide requirements and
best practices for one such solution.


  • Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.
  • Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for Retail Establishments.
  • Adhere to maximum occupancy limits per the State’s Public Health Order.
  • Arrange parking facilities to provide for at least six feet of distance between vehicles. For open air vehicles, such as golf carts and convertibles, facilities must be arranged to provide for at least 18 feet, or the width of two standard parking spaces, between vehicles.
  • Adhere to restrictions and/or prohibitions on concessions and tailgating per the Public Health Order.
  • Close off access to areas where patrons are likely to congregate.
  • Access and Ticketing
    • Access to event space shall be strictly monitored to maintain capacity.
    • Arrange for contactless scanning of tickets

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