Farm, Ranch, Dairy Producers & Processors

COVID Safe Practices for Farms, Ranches, Dairy Producers & Processors


  • Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.
  • Maintain a schedule of stringent daily cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Once every two hours (or more frequently), clean and disinfect high-touch items such as hose bibs, inside of vehicles, door handles, etc.
  • Place hygiene supplies in equipment, shops and other shared areas.
  • Prohibit sharing of food and beverage containers.
  • Promote curbside service as much as possible. When appropriate, encourage owners to drop the animal off with an employee.
  • Arrange for contactless deliveries whenever possible.

Best Practices

  • Screen employees and customers with a no-contact thermometer; individuals with a temperature reading above 100.4°F should be denied entry.
  • Limit the number of visitors to your operation to essential personnel and communicate with them prior to allowing access to farm. Establish appointments when possible.
  • Stagger work schedules to support social distancing, and stagger employee arrival and departure times, including lunch and break times, to avoid congregations of workers in parking areas, locker rooms, and near time clocks.
  • Where arranging for 6 feet of distance between individuals is not possible, install a temporary partition between workstations.
  • Review labor contractors’ safety procedures. When possible, include COVID-Safe Practices in contracts and ensure they are enforced for contract/seasonal employees when working for your operation.

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