Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Food Production

COVID Safe Practices for Manufacturing, Warehouse, & Food Production


  • Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.
  • Adhere to maximum occupancy limits per the State’s Public Health Order.

  • Utilize signs, stanchions and/or floor decals to support 6-foot social distancing, including one-way traffic and separate entry/exit wherever possible.

  • Where arranging for 6 feet of distance between individuals is not possible, install a separation barrier between workstations.

  • Maintain a schedule of stringent daily cleaning and sanitizing. Clean and sanitize shared workstations between shifts.

  • Arrange for contactless signatures for deliveries.

  • Vendors required to enter the business must follow employee protocols for personal protective equipment and social distancing.

  • Restrict use of communal dishware and provide single-use items in break rooms and cafeterias.

Best Practices

  • Install large plexiglass sneeze guards where regular interaction is common.

  • Stagger work schedules to support social distancing, and stagger employee arrival and departure times, including lunch and break times, to avoid congregations of workers in parking areas, locker rooms, and near time clocks.

  • When scheduling staff to cover shifts, consider additional breaks to provide for frequent handwashing, more frequent and longer timeframes to sanitize equipment, etc.

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