Museums and Cultural Institutions

COVID-Safe Practices (CSPs) for Museums and Cultural Institutions

The following COVID-Safe Practices apply to the operation of certain museums and cultural institutions with static exhibits. Certain facilities may be required to remain closed. Operators should consult the state Public Health Order for specific prohibitions.


  • Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.

  • Adhere to COVID-Safe Practices for Retail Establishments

  • For all food and beverage service, adhere to COVID-Safe Practices for Restaurants (p. 12) and limitations on restaurant capacity and seating per the State’s Public Health Order.

  • Adhere to maximum occupancy limits per the State’s Public Health Order.

  • For theaters, auditoriums, and related spaces, adhere to restrictions per the State’s Public Health Order.

  • Discontinue interactive exhibits and attractions.

  • Discontinue use of rental equipment, such as headsets, portable speakers, and strollers, unless required for ADA accessibility.

  • Discontinue coat check areas, lockers, backpack and purse storage, and related storage services for public use.

  • Limit access to areas where patrons are likely to congregate.

  • For meetings, events, and conventions, adhere to COVID-Safe Practices for Entertainment Venues.

Best Practices

  • Consider accepting customers on a reservation-only basis.

  • Employ a greeter to communicate safety restrictions and protocols.

  • To support contract tracing, provide all customers who visit the establishment the opportunity to record their name and phone number or email address, along with the date and time of their visit, and retain such records for no less than four weeks from the date of collection.

  • Arrange for contactless payment and receipt options to the greatest extent possible.

  • Require patrons to wear face coverings while on the premises except while dining, unless otherwise advised by a health care provider.

  • Provide digital visitor guides, maps, etc.


Best Practices

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