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COVID Safe Practices for Tour Operators

The following COVID-Safe Practices apply to the operation of tours and guided outdoor recreation, such as horseback riding, guided fishing and hunting and similar services. Certain outdoor guided activities may be prohibited. Operators should consult the state Public Health Order for specific prohibitions.


  • Adhere to Required COVID-Safe Practices for All Employers.
  • Tour operators with brick-and-mortar locations must adhere COVID-Safe Practices for Retail Establishments.
  • Organize every aspect of tour to provide for 6 feet of distance between individuals wherever
  • Limit capacity and stagger seating in shared vehicles (busses, shuttles, trains, trams, ski lifts, etc.) to support social distancing.
  • Hot air balloons: for guests/groups who are not “same household” individuals, hot air balloon operators must implement barriers of clear vinyl within the basket to create separation between all individuals within the basket.
  • Arrange for electronic ticketing and contactless scanning of
  • Waiver forms must be updated to reflect sanitation and safety procedures the tour operator has implemented in response to COVID-19 and to reflect new procedures guests are expected to follow in respect to the safety of themselves, fellow guests and tour operator
  • Operator must deliver waiver forms electronically, and customers must complete and submit waiver forms
  • Upon conclusion of the tour, all vehicles and equipment included in the tour must be cleaned and sanitized before use by another
  • All COVID-Safe Practices must be in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, United States Department of Transportation, and New Mexico Department of Transportation.

Best Practices

  • If the tour requires physical effort, takes place in the heat or features water-based activities, requires guests bring their own towel to prevent potential spread through
  • Offering face coverings to customers and require their use while on the tour.
  • Install plexiglass shields that separate passenger space and driver/pilot/conductor
  • Private groups consisting exclusively of “same household” individuals may be seated in excess of capacity and social distancing limitations.

Additional Resources

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