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Note: The information contained on this page is for archival purposes only and it is no longer maintained or updated.

Stay safe by staying inside the COVID-safe triangle; limit your daily activities outside the home

Every time we leave the house, we take a risk by giving COVID-19 an opportunity to spread. What can you do? Wear your mask, avoid groups, and reduce your risk of spreading or contracting the virus by limiting your travel outside of the home to only the essentials.

If and when you must go out, think about how to minimize the number of places you visit, the things you do, and the people you come into contact with.

New Mexicans are encouraged to “stay inside the triangle.” Think about categorizing your limited daily travel outside the home into the following categories: Work, Self-care, Errand.

COVID-safe self-care options can include going for a solo walk or a run, walking the dog, visiting a park, taking a hike alone or with a small group – all while practicing social distancing from others and wearing a mask.

Limit yourself to as few trips outside the home as possible and you will ultimately reduce the opportunities for catching and spreading COVID-19.

 The more New Mexicans take action to stay inside the triangle and limit their interaction with others, the better off the state’s overall health and well-being will be, enabling us to get students safely back in the classroom and more New Mexicans safely back to work.

Don’t forget – for the protection of public health, masks are required in all public settings in
New Mexico and gatherings of more than five people are not permitted.

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