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Note: The information contained on this page is for archival purposes only and it is no longer maintained or updated.

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Reports

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) COVID-19 vaccine mission is the equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to decrease morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 and preserve societal functioning. We are committed to providing New Mexico residents and communities with the most current information regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and how we are doing with vaccine equity in the state. The NMDOH vaccine team collects and analyzes vaccine data based on race/ethnicity, poverty, age, and geography. The reports below are used to guide NMDOH vaccine equity efforts, and we hope they can help to guide your efforts as well. As of June 2022, this report is updated monthly.

For links to other resources that support COVID-19 equity, please visit our Community Resource Center. We hope this resource can be one of the tools to help make it easier for communities to join us in the effort to vaccinate our most vulnerable populations.

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