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Providers across New Mexico offer safe screening and testing for COVID-19.

Sites are designed to keep you and health care workers safe. Sometimes you stay in your car. Other sites will screen you before you come indoors. 

Please review the listings for each site. Some require you to call in advance or have a referral from your doctor or other health care provider.

  • Some people will meet the clinical criteria to be tested.
  • Some people will be advised to STAY HOME for a 14-day period to be extra safe.
  • Some people will be directed to other medical services.
  • It is critical that all New Mexicans know that those without symptoms of COVID-19 infection – those symptoms being fever, cough, or shortness of breath and/or – do not need testing for COVID-19. We are currently in allergy season, and having allergy symptoms such as sneezing, and itchy eyes, nose or throat is not an indication for testing.
  • As we work to increase the state’s capacity for COVID-19 testing, the test needs to be prioritized for those with symptoms of COVID-19 infection: fever, cough or shortness of breath. Please trust New Mexico’s valued medical professionals who are working so hard to protect and treat the New Mexico public and only get tested if you are currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

Read the Public health advisory: Testing and travel guidelines for New Mexico

All testing is free. Keep in mind that no health care providers may charge or bill you for copays or other costs for a COVID-19 test in our state. The New Mexico Superintendent of Insurance issued an emergency rule stopping health insurers from charging copays, coinsurance and deductibles. All testing is free.

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